5 Reasons to choose and wear a wooden watch

The wooden watches have become very popular lately, and their popularity continues to grow. But why do people would prefer wearing a wooden watch instead of a standard one, made of metal or plastic? Keep reading if you want to understand why 

 1.Every wooden timepiece is unique

Sounds like a cliché, but it is true. Unlike most classic wrist watches, every wooden watch is handmade. Every two watches, even if they are part of the same production line, will be crafted from a different part of the wood, and would have unique pattern and some variation in grain and color. A person who is seen wearing the same model as you will still look different. Buying a wood watch, you can be sure that there’s no other watch like yours.

 Unique Wooden Texture: Natural Zebrawood and African Blackwood

2. Wooden watches are eco-friendly

The wood is probably the most eco-friendly material. By its very nature, it is biodegradable, and the resources needed to produce anything from wood are simply incomparable to ones needed to produce the same object from metal. As company truly committed to preserving the nature, we from AllHeWants plant a tree for every wooden watch we sell. So everyone who has chosen to wear a wooden watch is an ambassador for promoting sustainability, fighting for ecological balance.

Take the Right Path!
Our future depends on the choices we make today…

3. Wooden watches are lightweight

The wood in its natural essence is a lightweight material. And this makes the wooden watch extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Some people don`t like to wear watches because they are too heavy. Well, wooden watches solve this issue with ease. Lightness and freshness, have a  piece of nature right on your hand! Check out our bestseller Pirin - ultra lightweight and comfortable

4.Wooden watches are unordinary

Not only every watch made from wood is unique – but also there are not so many people owning a wooden watch. Wearing something so unordinary and innovative is fun, not to mention the fact that, as you will soon find out, your wooden watch is a great conversation starter and a big compliment getter.

5.Wooden watches age beautifully with grace

Any conventional watch starts to blemish over time. The more you wear it, the more it starts looking worn out. But wood gets better with age. What better than wearing a watch that looks better with time?

Time is in the wood!

Wood records the days and years, witnessing the passage of time… 

The biggest advantage of the wooden watches over the classic ones lies in one very simple thing, which can not be measured. Your wooden watch will give you the feel of warmth and coziness, which is so typical for the wood and which can not be brought by any of the metal or plastic wrist watches, no matter how beautiful and charming they may look.


We from Allhewants.com like to say ”Time is precious.. Don`t waste it!”.. Find our finest selection of wooden timepieces and make some of our wooden watches yours.

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